Airgates: Winter Blunderland

It has become something of an annual traditional (now in its 4th year) for me to find and write about a Christmas event that did not live up to expectations for the online blog

My annual article is something of a parody of (or perhaps more of a playful response to) the “Winter Wonderland Gone Wrong” format which many of the tabloids indulge in.

I’ve approached the article different. In 2015, I wrote a rather deadpan, ‘exhausted’ headline: “Here’s your annual Lapland gone Wrong story“: “we’re all out of creative puns and catchy headings: but it wouldn’t be Christmas without photos of a muddy field and dodgy-looking elves.”

My 2016 headline was less critical of the format (“Winter Blunderland so bad – even Santa didn’t show up“), and I spent more time pointing out just how much of a staple of the tabloid Christmas coverage it is : comparing it to the John Lewis advert.

I keep these articles light in tone, and consequently steer clear of any serious Christmas calamities. In nearly all cases I reported on, families were given refunds.

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