The Overtake: Britain’s Underground Cannabis Clubs

I pitched a story about Cannabis Clubs to The Overtake since they’d been on my radar for a long time. When the pitch was accepted, I was surprised at how quickly I’d gotten in touch with some fairly significant figures in the movement.

Building a rapport was difficult at times but worthwhile. I had intended to meet up with Daniel (not his real name) – but this was hampered by arrests and police raids. I included that information in the article because it spoke volumes about his experience running a club.

In a way my timing was lucky. In the early stages of my research, Miles was beginning to start promotion for his brand new Cannabis Club based in Darwen. I immediately saw that as a good angle to take for the bulk of the article and I decided to follow his progress as he set up the new club. This culminated in me travelling to Darwen for their first meeting, where I interviewed Miles and others in what turned out to be a very personal account of their experiences. I was really happy with the outcome.

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