SCAN: LUSU threatens to sue council

I was really proud of this piece that made the front page of the student newspaper.

The story was very complex: a company had been granted permission to build accommodation near to a nightclub on the condition of pre-occupation noise testing.

The company then asked for the condition to be overturned.

Using sources within the local council and students’ union, I came to understand further intricacies of the story. At a planning meeting, there was mention of a “letter from LUSU” [the students’ union who run the nightclub]. I eventually was able to obtain a full, unredacted copy of the letter from the council’s press office. The letter revealed that the union was prepared for judicial review if the condition was overturned.

I took this to the students’ union who provided an off-the-record briefing on the situation which was helpful for the article. I also obtained statements from the union, council and company’s CEO – as well as quotes from Councillors.

I was then closely involved in the design and wording of the front page splash. I was keen on “LUSU threatens to sue council” but had to closely research the definitions of “threaten” and “sue” to ensure they were not libellous.

The article made waves across the university.


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