Blooloop: Tech Trends

During my University breaks, I freelanced for Blooloop – an internationally renowned news source in the attractions industry.

I write pieces tailored to an expert audience – despite no formal qualifications or experience in the sector myself.

One example of an article I produced is this piece on technology trends.

The piece required careful research and analysis to establish 6 technology trends and the reasons why. I used internal and external links throughout to demonstrate the extent of this research and point in the direction of further reading (habits from academia!).

The article was read widely – receiving almost 10,000 shares on social media. It was mentioned on Twitter by major industry figures including Picsolve, Frozen Fish Design, Dubai Entertainment and Leisure Show, and Imagination Lab.

While working for Blooloop, I was tasked with producing 6-10 articles a day in a short space of time each morning. I also worked on researching and putting together long-form pieces.

Update: my “predictions” were largely accurate and I wrote a follow up article in January 2019.

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