In my part-time job as a Student Ambassador Leader for Lancaster University’s Student Recruitment department (UKSRO), I took on project work revolving around internal and external communications.


I produced the inaugural monthly ambassador newsletters. It was a way to send casual employees information about opportunities, important updates relevant to their job, and also to allow them to sign up for shifts.

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To increase readership of the newsletter, I introduced

  • A detailed overview of a difficult topic, with some tips on how to talk about it
  • A compilation of visitor feedback received that month
  • A light-hearted introduction
  • The preliminary stages of a perks scheme, where employees who take on shifts receive a small reward: such a discount at a local bar.


I was UKSRO’s student lead on a project to implement a new platform to allow prospective students to chat with current students, and where current students could publish blogs about student life.

As well as putting together guidance for both the livechat and blogs section, I was responsible for editing and publishing the blogs. This also meant coming up with ideas and ensuring the content was accurate, honest and positive. I trialled different types of content – such as this Buzzfeed-style listicle.