RideRater: The London Resort

In May 2020, I started writing a monthly column for one of the UK’s longest standing and most reputable attraction news sites, RideRater. Founded in 2010, and originally planned to be a site for ranking UK attractions, the site has developed into one of the most trusted sources of news for the sector, with a reach of over 10,000 on social media.

My most recent article was a long-form investigation into the ‘London Resort’. The much-hyped theme park is years overdue, and my article shows the shaky history. With several exclusive new angles, the article also featured an interview with a high profile figure from the project.

My first column was focused around the increasing prevalence of Intellectual Property attractions (IP) in the UK.

While it has been a trend in the US for many years – lead by Disney and later Universal – now Merlin Entertainments, the leading UK provider, has made IP a core part of its strategy.

My column explores what is fuelling that pivot, whether IP works on this side of the pond, and if it is here to stay.